Just after 8 p.m. yesterday (1/5/15) there were two separate coyote encounters with residents in Groveland. The first encounter was on Manor Dr. where a man was entering his home when a coyote came upon the man and bit him before running off.  A short time later a second encounter was reported to the Groveland Police which took place on Gardner St. The homeowner reported an aggressive coyote approached him in his yard and he had to kick the animal more than once before it left the area.  We are asking all residents to be watchful and when outside use extra care for your safety, your children’s and for your pets.  The coyote is considered rabid and dangerous. Any contact will require medical attentionPlease report any sightings to the Groveland Police Department by calling 911.  For more info you can view The Environmental Police Website by clicking on the link.  Please visit https://www.mass.gov/eea/grants-and-tech-assistance/enforcement/environmental-police/

Coyote Alert

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