GROVELAND — Chief Jeffrey Gillen and Town Clerk Beth Cunniff wish to remind the community of expectations and requirements for dog owners in town.

“The Town of Groveland expects dog owners to license their pets, leash them in public and properly dispose of waste. These are simple and common codes of conduct in many communities that promote health and safety, and we urge all dog owners in the community to do their part,” Chief Gillen said.

Dog owners in the Town of Groveland are reminded of the following town bylaw and expectations:

  • Residents are required to license all dogs six months old or older annually.
    • A valid rabies certificate must be on file or provided to the Town Clerk in order to receive a license.
    • Licenses must be obtained by April 1 and fines in addition to the licensing fee began June 1.
      • The fine for those licensing a dog from June 1-30 is $10
      • The fine for licensing a dog from July 1-31 is $15
      • The fine for licensing a dog from Aug. 1- Dec 31 is $25.
    • Licenses cost $5 for spayed or neutered dogs and $10 for dogs that have not been spayed or neutered.
    • The Town Clerk’s Office provides licenses. Please call 978-556-7221 to make an appointment to obtain a dog license or visit and follow the online payment instructions.
  • Dogs are required to be leashed outside of private property.
  • Dog owners and caregivers are required to dispose of dog waste properly.
    • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dog waste contributes to pollution that can negatively impact water quality and human health.
    • The EPA advises dog owners and caregivers to carry a plastic bag every time you take your dog on a walk, and after you’ve picked up waste, throw it in a trash can.
    • Try to avoid letting your dog defecate within 200 feet of a body of water, the EPA also advises.
    • The Town of Groveland also urges homeowners to regularly dispose of dog waste on their property, as excessive, long term exposure to dog waste can damage soil for years to come and cause health concerns for people.

The Groveland Police Department’s Animal Control Officer will enforce any and all violations of the above expectations.



Groveland Police and Town Clerk Remind Dog Owners of Leash Law, Licensing Requirements

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