***One requirement to apply for, and receive, an LTC or FID from the Groveland Police Department is a certificate of completion from a Basic Firearms Safety Course or Basic Hunter Safety Course.

The Groveland Police Department is offering a Basic Firearms Safety Course open to all residents and non-residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts applying for a Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm or FID Card. This safety course is approved and meets the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (LTC-001).

Groveland Residents: It is NOT mandatory for you to take our sponsored class to obtain your LTC or FID card through the Groveland Police Dept. We must honor any certificate from a state approved class.

The course is between four and five hours in length and will cover the following topics,

  • Basic Firearms Safety
  • Basic Firearms Knowledge and Operation
  • Ammunition
  • Range and Home Safety
  • Child Safety
  • Massachusetts and Federal Laws Pertaining to,
  • License Classes
  • Carry of Firearms
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Buying, Selling and Transferring Firearms

The cost of the course is $100.00 check or money order made out to the Town of Groveland (NO CASH PLEASE).

For further information contact Officer Ed Fournier of the Groveland Police Department at (978) 521-1212.

To register for the class by stop by the Groveland Police Station located at 181 Main Street and fill out a registration form.

Firearms Safety Class Application

Please fill out the online form and email it to or drop it off at the police station.