The Groveland Police Association is an organization made up of the employees of the Groveland Police Department. Its purpose is to provide support to the Town of Groveland and its citizens, and to provide funding for projects which can’t be part of the town’s general operating budget. Below are listed some of the many activities and projects which were partially or fully funded by the Groveland Police Association.

(To find out how you can help the Association in any way, please contact Sgt. Dwight McDonald at (978) 521-1212 or by e-mail)

  1. Senior Dinner – Every October, the Association sponsors a dinner/dancing event and invites all senior citizens from Groveland to have dinner, listen to music, socialize and have fun.
  2. 6th Grade Outing – The Association sponsors a day at Cedardale of Groveland for the Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall School’s 6th grade class.
  3. Scholarships – The Association gives out scholarships to deserving seniors as they graduate from Pentucket High School and move onto college.
  4. The D.A.R.E. Program – The Association has purchased computer equipment and helped fund the program.
  5. Groveland Days – The Association assists in the preparation of the area, and provides any other help which is needed.
  6. A Citizen Police Academy – The Association puts on an academy open to all citizens so they can learn more about what the police department does.

The Police Association has donated either materials or money to help support the following organizations or events:

  1. A swing set at the Pines Recreation Area.
  2. The basketball court on Elm Park.
  3. The Senior Celebration, a post-graduation all night party for Pentucket Seniors.
  4. The Groveland Library Annual Road Race.
  5. The 2 flags currently in the selectmen’s office.
  6. Portable radios for the police department.
  7. Painting/Re-Painting of the police cruisers.
  8. Renovations/repairs at the Town Hall and Police Station.
  9. Creation of a conference room at the police station for the department’s/community’s use.

The Groveland Police Department would like to thank all the citizens of Groveland, and all those who contribute to the association’s cause. We believe that only with the cooperation of everyone, the Town of Groveland can be a clean and safe community for all those who live here, visit, or pass through.

Cedardale Appreciation Award- June 7, 2017