SRO Sindoni/ Cruiser

The Groveland Police Department currently has a School Resource Officer permanently assigned to the Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall Elementary School. Sergeant Josh Sindoni has been on the Groveland Police Department for the last 10 years. Sgt. Sindoni attended Rivier University and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He began his career as a reserve police officer in August of 2011. He was a self-sponsor at the Reading Police Academy in 2012 and was a graduate of the 17th ROC. He became a full-time officer in February of 2015. He was assigned to the Detective Division in September of 2017. In July of 2021, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and now oversees Detectives. Sgt. Sindoni is also the department’s School Resource and DARE officer. Sgt. Sindoni is also in charge of the evidence room and is the LTC licensing officer for the Department.

The SRO works closely with students and schools to ensure safety and advocate for the students of Groveland. While the principal focus is prevention and deterrence, the SRO conducts all criminal investigations on school grounds. Although under the direct supervision of the Police Department, the SRO is also considered a member of the school faculty and as such, works closely with the school administration to determine the best course of action.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) acts as a visible Law Enforcement figure dealing with any law-related issues.  Additionally the SRO acts as a resource to students, teachers and parents for conferences on an individual basis, dealing with individual problems or questions.  The goals of the SRO Program is to bridge the gap between police officers and young people, increasing positive attitudes towards law enforcement. Sgt. Sindoni is dedicated to upholding a professional environment while creating a positive impact for students across Groveland.

For more questions about SRO residents are encouraged to contact Officer Sindoni at or the Groveland Police Department at (978) 521-1212