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Jeffrey Gillen, Deputy Chief
Public Safety Building
181 Main St
Groveland, MA 01834

For Immediate Release

Friday, June 3, 2016

Contact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 617-993-0003

Groveland Police Praise Indictment of Alleged Online Predator

GROVELAND — Deputy Chief Jeffrey Gillen is today praising the indictment of an alleged online predator who posed as a woman online and tried to lure predators to the woman and her children.

A statewide grand jury yesterday indicted THOMAS SHEEHAN, AGE 46, OF QUINCY on the following counts:

  • 3 counts solicitation to commit rape 
  • 2 counts solicitation to commit rape of a child
  • 5 counts solicitation to commit kidnapping
  • 2 counts  wanton or reckless behavior creating a risk of serious bodily injury or sexual abuse to a child, in violation of G.L. c. 265, § 13L.

SHEEHAN was arrested by Groveland Police in January after an investigation revealed he allegedly impersonated a Groveland woman on an adult website and communicated with people on the website who expressed an interest in stalking, raping, kidnapping and torturing the woman and her children at Sheehan’s request.

Deputy Gillen wishes to recognize the work of Groveland Police Detective Steven Petrone who spent dozens of hours working the case.

“This was a deeply disturbing case that could have had tragic results had it not been for the excellent police work of Groveland Police Detective Steven Petrone and the tremendous teamwork shown by the Massachusetts State Police and Attorney General’s Office,” Deputy Gillen said. “I am very proud of the outcome, and it speaks highly of our department’s ability to investigate a complex major crimes case.”

Any additional media inquiries should be directed to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.


Groveland Police Praise Indictment of Alleged Online Predator

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