Residents Reminded to Always Lock and Secure Vehicles — Never Leave Cash or Valuables in Plain Sight

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GROVELAND — Chief Jeffrey Gillen reports that the Groveland Police Department is actively investigating after a vehicle was broken into and a suspicious person, apparently looking into vehicles, was seen on a home surveillance camera at a second location.

A car break was reported at a residence on Main Street, near Broad Street, on June 16. Then early on the morning of June 19, at approximately 1:30, a home surveillance camera on Briscoe Road captured a suspect walking between two cars in the driveway.

Police around the Commonwealth believe that an organized group of criminals is engaged in thefts from motor vehicles in many communities.

Theft from motor vehicles is one of the most common crimes in Groveland, which is a  vibrant, family-friendly community in the Merrimack Valley that is consistently rated as one of the safest towns in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, car breaks, thefts from vehicles and property crimes occur in every community.

Groveland Police would also like to remind residents of the importance of removing any expensive items — as well as anything containing sensitive personal information — from inside their vehicles. Residents are advised to heed the following safety tips:

  • Always lock all car doors
  • Roll up windows and close sunroofs
  • Never leave loose electronics such as GPS units or tablets in plain view
  • Do not leave money in your car or loose change in plain view
  • Call police immediately if your vehicle is broken into

The incidents are being actively investigated by Groveland Police Detective Steven Petrone. Anyone who observes activity that seems suspicious or has any information on these crimes should call Groveland Police at 978-521-1212.


Video: Groveland Police Urge Vigilance after Car Break Suspect Seen on Residential Surveillance Video

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