GROVELAND — Chief Jeffrey T. Gillen and the men and women of the Groveland Police Department condemn the actions of the Minneapolis police officers which resulted in the death of George Floyd last week. Chief Gillen and the Groveland Police Department also condemn racism and police brutality of any kind, as the Groveland Police Department has worked to maintain a sense of welcoming and safety for all individuals, families, business owners and visitors in Groveland.

“The actions of these police officers, not just in Minneapolis, but elsewhere before and after the death of George Floyd in no way reflect what the Groveland Police Department stands for,” Chief Gillen said. “The mission statement of our department clearly states that our officers will protect the constitutional rights of all individuals and that we are committed to maintaining peace and protecting all life. We live by these words every day in service to our community.”

Police departments and their officers across Massachusetts have thoroughly embraced the six pillars of the principles embodied in the final report of President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, and remain committed to professional conduct, democratic policing and procedural justice for all people.

The Groveland Police Department believes in treating all citizens fairly and with dignity, whether they are callers asking for help, those suspect of wrongdoing or members of our community encountered day to day by officers on duty.

The Groveland Police Department also believes in the rights of every citizen to peacefully assemble in protest over important issues such as racism, hatred, bigotry and police brutality. The Groveland Police Department supports the peaceful and collective voice of the protesters demanding justice.

“I encourage everyone to unite and show respect for the diversity of voices you are hearing today,” Chief Gillen said. “It is only by listening to one another that we can learn how to move forward.


Statement of Groveland Police Chief Jeffrey T. Gillen Regarding Death of George Floyd and Actions of Minneapolis Police

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