GROVELAND 一 Chief Jeffrey Gillen and the Groveland Police Department are reminding community members to secure valuables for sale and be vigilant following a theft from a roadside farm stand yesterday.

On Tuesday, July 26, at approximately 3:15 p.m., Groveland Police were dispatched to the area of King Street for a report of a theft. 

Upon arrival, police learned that two individuals traveling in an older model red Honda Odyssey allegedly stole a red cooler containing chicken eggs and expensive cooler packs from an unstaffed farm stand. 

Through the subsequent investigation, police also learned that the suspects allegedly attempted to steal a metal lockbox containing money from the stand.

Community members are encouraged to keep an eye out for the older model red Honda Odyssey, which is believed to have a loud, defective exhaust system. 

Anyone with information on this incident or anyone who observes suspicious activity in town should call the Groveland Police Department at 978-521-1212.

“There are many small farm stands in Groveland, and we urge the owners of these stands to secure all items of value in the hopes of preventing any future property loss,” Chief Gillen said. 

The incident remains under investigation by the Groveland Police Department.



Groveland Police are searching for two suspects who were traveling in an older model red Honda Odyssey following a theft on Tuesday, July 26. (Photo Courtesy Groveland Police Department)
Groveland Police Warn Community to Secure Valuables for Sale Following Theft from Farm Stand
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